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Shenzhen lvhechuang eco-friendly technology co., ltd.
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ADD:NO.62 Shenzhu Road,Henggang Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen City,CN
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    Shenzhen lvhechuang eco-friendly technology co., ltd. is located in beautiful downtown Shenzhen, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R & D, air filtration and purification products production and sales. Our main products: " HEPA element ", " air filter ", " oil smoke filtering net ", " sterilization and aseptic filtration net " the Department of four cases. HEPA filter: PP filter, glass fiber filter and the composite filter; air filter: early efficiency air filters ( G1-G4 ), medium efficiency air filter ( F5-F9 ), HEPA ( H10-H14 ) filter, activated carbon filter; cooking oil fume filter: HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, oil filter, oil mist and smoke filter sterilization; sterilization filter: photocatalyst filters, cold catalyst filter net, filter net silver ion. The products are widely used in household appliances ( air purification machine, air-conditioning, humidifier, vacuum cleaner, refrigerator etc. ), medical equipment, ventilation equipment, cleaning equipment, clean room and environmental engineering and other kinds of air purification field. We have a number of production line for high level of professional and technical personnel and adva……
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